Les standards Web pour le livre électronique

La longue route vers l’unification.

I am articulating an HTML-triumphalist view of E-book production. By backing what I feel is obviously the right horse, I am contributing to the strangulation of new or uninvented forms of the book. Advocacy of one digital format is always a process of eugenics; other formats will never be born or will die prematurely. I’m doing that right now by downplaying the importance of XML and DTBook variants of ePub. I am happy to contribute to the death of “vooks” and other multimedia websites masquerading as books. (I do not want a rectangle of video yammering at me while I’m trying to read.) They’re like animated popunder ads in that no actual “user” wants them, but somebody with an agenda does. Exterminating that species is something to which I am proud to contribute. For other forms of books, advocating strict HTML markup will cause as-yet-unknowable harm.

Joe Clark, Web Standards for E-books